Life and Career: Aim Beyond Your Present Expectations
Overland Park, KS
03/30/2017 06:54 AM

In my coaching practice, I enjoy the good fortune to coach very talented professionals on their career and life journey. My present client base includes people from 25 to 61 years of age in many different fields of endeavor, career levels, income and wealth attainment and stages of career achievement with a myriad of unique life perspectives, goals and aspirations.

However, if there is a commonality with these clients, it is they often aim “too low” with their career and life expectations. In other words, they are capable of achievement at a much higher level than what can be the product of deeply ingrained negative life “conditioning and thinking” in the execution of their career journey and daily lives.

This state of mind can develop unconsciously when we allow ourselves to be gradually “beaten down” by negative reinforcement via life events, experiences and unproductive human relationships, both personal and professional.

Aim High, Expect Nothing Less

In order to possess true optimism and unbridled passion about our career choices and our lives, it is important for us to aim beyond our expectations. When we aim high we are further self-empowered and energized. We are all capable of the achievement of more than we can naturally envision for ourselves.

We can needlessly hold ourselves back from career growth, expansion, achievement and attainment when there is effectively no reason to do so beyond the silent limits we place on ourselves. This is a poor emotional habit that is counterproductive to our well being, health, happiness and self-fulfillment.

As I have often expressed directly to my clients in coaching sessions and in other articles on LinkedIn:

“Only we can devalue ourselves.”

We bear sole responsibility for our success, happiness and self-fulfillment. When we assign blame for career and life misfortunes to other people, family, past employers and life events we shirk this responsibility, see ourselves as victimized and unfortunately, we set our future expectations too low based on our talents and abilities. This is a poor and self-limiting decision on a career and life journey regardless of our age and stage in life.

A life and career is filled with a near barrage of sequential challenges, obstacles, unfortunate events and negative reinforcement. It is critical for us to be “stronger” than the forces that serve to lower our sense of self value and to embrace and believe the positive reinforcement we receive from those people who truly love, encourage and believe in us “unconditionally.”

Do Not Fear Success

These are the strong “core messages” we must fully embrace and believe in our lives in order to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations. The rest must be only “static noise.” Please do not fear success in your life.

Undaunted and unaffected by negative forces, you can actually achieve more than your hopes, dreams, aspirations and your expectations. Please “aim high” and expect nothing less.

You should maintain this view and strategy throughout the remainder of your career and life regardless of your age and present employment status. I would be honored to guide you on your life and career journey.

Bob Lovely is a former senior corporate executive and officer, an accomplished “master level” certified executive and career coach and Chief Career Strategist with Career Strategy Solutions. Inquiries regarding consultation, services, fees or referrals should be directed to: or call: 913-314-4460

Bob Lovely
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