Life and Career: Be Confident and Decisive
Overland Park, KS
04/13/2017 08:52 AM

My life as a career coach and strategist is a very interesting, revealing and compelling occupational choice and professional journey. The requisite skills to be highly effective are a broad based mix of highly refined abilities including an inquisitive mind, accomplished business acumen and knowledge and leadership experience, a high level of emotional intelligence and self confidence, an innate ability to read and deeply understand a wide range of human emotions and motivations, an excellent ability to coach, advise, counsel, guide, mentor and lead others and a strong passion to encourage, instill confidence and an “impetus to action” in the people I serve.

A successful career and life is founded, built, executed and lived in our confidence and execution to achieve goals, produce positive outcomes and in the quality of the human relationships we forge, develop and nurture. If we lack confidence or we fail to act, we will fall short of our expected results.

While these qualities are solely our responsibility to generate, sustain and execute during the course of our career and life journey, sincere encouragement from other people in our lives based on the quality of our relationships can inspire us to give ourselves the gift of confidence and the ability to “make things happen” via our attainment of notable personal achievements and desirable outcomes.

Be Confident, Be Decisive

People who are sincerely confident typically lead successful lives, have rewarding careers and possess mutually beneficial, reciprocal, caring and loving human relationships. When they face life and challenges, they readily seek assistance, advice, counsel and services from other people based on the nature of the problem they face. Doing so builds their confidence to overcome the natural obstacles of living life and working in a career. “Going it alone” in life can be a symptom of stubbornness, pride, vanity, fear, avoidance or denial.

In order to be successful in your career and life, it is important to practice these behaviors on a consistent and sustained basis:

=         Be Confident vs. Humble: Humility is a highly desirable human trait that serves us well in our interpersonal relationships with friends, family and the people we choose to love. However, in business and during our efforts to meet life challenges, it is critical for us to forge ahead with confidence, take and accept credit for our achievements and victories regardless of their apparent size or impact. In a career and in business, there is “no money in humility.” If you truly believe in yourself, others will too. Confidence is powerful, infectious and profitable.

=         Focus on “Today”: The past is gone and cannot be altered regardless of our efforts to do so or seek retribution for misdeeds we have experienced in our life. We can only learn and grow from our past while self incrimination is a wasted energy. The future is unknown, uncertain and unpredictable. Rather, we should focus our energy and efforts on achievement, results and productive solutions to problems, one day at a time. Each day presents us with unique and potentially rewarding opportunities to achieve, produce, create, execute and solve. With this daily focus we develop confidence in our belief to obtain desirable outcomes, build productive relationships and overcome life obstacles on a sustained basis.

=         Make No Excuses, Be Accountable: While failure is a natural outcome during a career and from living life, take full responsibility for your outcomes and never make excuses to shift blame, see yourself as a victim of life events or of other people. A “victim mentality” is a losing formula. Instead, learn from failure, defeat and misdeeds and move forward in new directions based on the wisdom gained from the experience. Winners never alibi. Rather, they never give up and they grow ever stronger and more confident as a result.

=         Take Risks, Seek Adventure: It is important for us to take intelligent risks during our life and career in order to reach our goals and to achieve. Being overly “risk averse” can hold us back from achievement, accomplishment and contribution in our lives and our career. If we want to move up the corporate ladder we have take wise risks on the journey. If we want to start a business we have to risk failure. If we want to be loved we have to risk being hurt and give our love to someone who truly loves us. We should seek adventure as a growth and discovery experience during the course of our life and career journey. This can take many forms based on who we are.

=         Be Decisive: People who lead successful lives and careers are decisive. This does not mean that every decision we make has to be correct. Quite the contrary. If we make a poor decision, we re-evaluate and make a new decision based on the knowledge and wisdom we gain from the experience. Being decisive moves us forward in our lives and career whereas being indecisive can stagnate our career mobility and our personal and professional growth.

If you practice these behaviors on a sustained and consistent basis you will enjoy a more successful career and a more productive and enjoyable life experience. Please have confidence in your skills, abilities, talents and career and life accomplishments and be decisive in your daily execution. I would be honored to guide you on your life and career journey.

Bob Lovely is a former senior corporate executive and officer, an accomplished “master level” certified executive and career coach and Chief Career Strategist with Career Strategy Solutions. Inquiries regarding consultation, services, fees or referrals should be directed to: or call: 913-314-4460

Bob Lovely
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