Sustainability Tip....Reduce the use of Straws
Leawood, KS
07/21/2017 10:22 AM

Did you know that everyday Americans use 500 million drinking straws? Now you do!


Where do many of the drinking straws end up? They end up in our ocean. Plastic never completely biodegrades and seems to be transforming our oceans into plastic soup. Straws end up in the nostrils of the sea life and their stomachs become full of plastic.


What can you do?


There are many ways this can be prevented. Please find a few listed below.


      1. Take the pledge to be straw free.

      2. Tell your restaurant server to “please hold the straw”.

      3. Purchase a reusable straw and carry it with you to us in the car. Tip:to clean a reusable straw,                   use dish soap on a pipe cleaner.

      4. If you are a restauranteur, implement an “offer first” policy allowing the customer to “opt in” to                using the straw, rather than making straw usage the default.


So don’t forget to bring reusable straws or “opt out” of using a plastic straw!


Information provided by Kathy Corbin, member of the Leawood Sustainability Advisory Board

Kathy Corbin
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