Why IT Security is a Top Concern for Small and Midsize Businesses
Leawood, KS
10/19/2017 11:49 AM

Today, 96 percent of SMB’s  believe their organizations are vulnerable to Cybersecurity threats. While most small- and medium-sized business owners do what they can to protect their networks from cyber-attacks, growing companies are especially vulnerable to malware infections, mobile attacks and phishing attacks.

More small and medium-sized businesses are turning to MSPs for enhanced IT security, due to the increasing frequency of data breaches and the variety in which they are caused. Below are the top causes of data breaches over the past two years.

Here’s why:

1. Limited IT Teams

Most SMB’s  don’t have robust, in-house teams or many experienced IT specialists as employees. This leaves a sizeable gap in overall network security.

While in-house IT teams keep networks running smoothly, they also perform system-wide software updates, monitor systems and address breaches as they happen. All of this helps close security gaps and decrease the likelihood of a cyber-attack.

2. Minimal Budgets

Lots of SMB’s  don’t have the budget to hire IT teams or install protective software. This leaves cash-strapped startups and other companies incredibly vulnerable to digital threats. It’s also a Catch-22, though.

According to Security Magazine, the average data breach costs approximately $36,000 and can lead to losses of $50,000 or more. Not surprisingly, 60 percent of small businesses who suffer a cyber-attack go out of business within six months.

3. Difficulty Detecting Threats

Today, 70 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses. This is due, in large part, to the fact that 25 percent of SMB’s  say their companies are “poor” or “fair” at detecting and mitigating cyber threats. When SMB’s  don’t know how to identify and block threats, they become increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated cyber-attacks.

What’s The Answer?

Today, lots of SMB’s  are turning to managed service providers, or MSPs, to boost their IT security. MSPs are outsourced providers who handle a company’s various IT needs. Due to the ever-growing frequency of cyber-attacks and their surprising variety, MSPs are some of the most cost-effective, comprehensive and accessible IT security solutions for SMB’s .

In addition to allowing SMB managers to take a hands-off approach to their network security, enlisting the assistance of MSPs and services like Server Managed IT Support decreases the risk that SMB’s  will suffer costly and dangerous data breaches and allows them to continue conducting business as usual.

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Haitham Ghosheh
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