Sustainability Tip... Keep the Water Clean!
Leawood, KS
11/01/2017 06:14 PM

Did you know that storm drains flow directly into our lakes, rivers, and streams? This means that the water is not being treated. What can you do to help keep our water clean?

  1. Don't sweep or blow leaves, grass clippings, or fertilizer pellets into the street or gutter. They will make their way down to the storm drains.
  2. Don't throw poop bags into the storm drains.
  3. Don't wash your car in the driveway.  The soap together with the dirt, grime, grease, and oil flows into the nearby storm drain.  Take your car to a car wash where the water gets treated and recycled. 
  4. Don't use excess fertilizers which cause algae to form in our water sources.

Remember!  Your actions can affect the quality of our local lakes and streams.  Let's keep our water clean! 

Information provided by Kathy Corbin, member of the Leawood Sustainability Advisory Board

Kathy Corbin
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