Sustainability Tip... Reuse and Recycle!
Leawood, KS
11/16/2017 09:03 AM

Did you know that you can wrap gifts and mail cards in a more environmentally friendly way?

One thing you can do is to purchase greeting cards and wrapping paper that can be recycled. Just remember to "keep it simple".  Wrap your gifts in non-metallic and non-glittery papers.  Purchase greeting cards without metallics, bows, sound, or glitter.  If your cards and paper have a lot of glitz and metallics you cannot recycle them.

Better yet, make your own wrapping paper out of materials you have around the house.  You can make your own greeting cards too.  Have your kids help you make some plain cards that they can decorate.  The plain papers and cards can be recycled. 

Wrap a gift using an old map wrapped with natural twine and top it with a pine cone.

Wrap a gift in a paper grocery bag and have your kids color it.

Small gifts can be wrapped with pictures from old calendars.

Make your own gift tags by cutting out old greeting cards.

Open large gifts carefully and use the large pieces of paper to wrap smaller pieces next year.  Wrapping paper can be ironed to remove the creases.

Always save your ribbons and bows for reuse whenever possible.

Boxes can be broken down and put in the recycle bin.

Remember! Reuse and then recycle and enjoy the holidays!

Information provided by Kathy Corbin, member of the Leawood Sustainability Advisory Board 

Kathy Corbin
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