Sustainability Tip: Go Green in 2018!
Leawood, KS
12/26/2017 10:13 AM

You probably have more ideas of your own to add to a list, however, here are 10 easy-peasy ideas to get you started!

1.  Use water sparingly doing dishes, taking showers, brushing teeth.

2.  Start cutting back on meat consumption --Germany is now 10% vegetarian! Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the source of mass deforestation, air and water pollution, and species extinction. Not to mention the horrible condition the animals endure in industrialized factory farming.

3.  Bring your own shopping bags EVERYWHERE you shop --and while you are at it, cut down on the amount of "stuff" that you buy.

4.  Bring your own water bottle --ditch the plastic!

5.  Bring your own coffee mug. A lot of coffee houses will put your drink in your own mug.

6.  If you are having a part, try using a site like EVITE and save the paper invitations.

7.  Don't order more food at a restaurant than you can eat. You can always split a meal or bring your own take-home container and be sure to eat the left-overs later. Children don't always need to order their own meals. The adult entrees are generally big enough to share with the little ones.  Plus your restaurant meal will be less expensive.

8.  Recycle diligently. But remember to study your recycle list and put only the correct items in the bin.

9.  Turn off lights when not in use.

10.  Stay informed on environmental sustainability. After all, it's the best thing you can do for all living things (yourself, your kids, your grandkids, and all other species that make up our diverse ecosystem).

There are a lot of easy lifestyle changes that we can all make.  Even if only 10% of the population did them, it would create a revolution and make a HUGE difference for the wellbeing of this fragile planet we love!

Kathy Corbin
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