Sustainability Tip
Leawood, KS
01/16/2018 03:18 PM

Take the pledge!  Eat your leftovers!

Here are a few steps to follow:

1.  Don't over-buy.  Buy only enough food for your family to eat before it goes bad.

2.  Don't over-order at restaurants.  Not only is it a waste of food but it is a huge waste of money.  Leaving food on a restaurant plate is the same as throwing hard-earned money out the window.

3.  Any left-over restaurant food can go home with you in your own take-out container.  Bring a container with you and save the trash associated with taking food home.

4.  When you get your left-over food home...actually EAT IT.  Even it if doesn't look so appetizing the second or third day, it is still edible and you will take one more step toward environmental sustainability.

5.  If you have kids at home, put food on their plates in increments.  If they eat the first serving, they can have more. But loading up the plate only to throw the food away is extremely wasteful and hard on the wallet.

6.  If you go to a buffet use the motto "I'll take all I can eat but I'll eat all that I take."  A buffet can be a huge waste of food.  If you tend to waste a lot of food at a buffet, maybe a better choice is another type of restaurant.

Watch all the food you throw in the garbage or in the disposal for the next few weeks.  Document your wastage and see if you can cut it back to nearly zero. Challenge yourself and your family.  You will be surprised at how easy this is to do once you become aware and make the effort.

Kathy Corbin
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