Sustainability Tip
Leawood, KS
01/31/2018 02:30 PM

Here are 3 important  recycling concepts:

1. Keep contamination out of your bin.   

2. Reycling is good but reduction is better.  Try to reduce your waste to as close to zero as possible.  Shop smarter and cut down on plastic packaging whenever possible.

3.  "When in doubt, throw it out".  It is better to keep your recycling free of contamination. A recycle bin filled with the acceptable items will be optimally used.  And it will not be diverted to the landfill.

NEVER put plastic bags in your bin to hold your recyclables.  The recyclables must be loose in the bin.  NO PLASTIC BAGS EVER!

Recyclables should be clean and dry.  Don't waste perfectly good water rinsing them out.  Save your containers and use old dishwater to rinse them out.


  1. styrofoam (even if it has a recycling symbol)
  2. frozen food boxes and containers
  3. plastic sandwich bags, chip bags, bread bags, shopping bags, etc.
  4. food and liquid waste
  5. yard waste
  6. hazardous waste containers
  7. glass
  8. clothing
  9. electronics
  10. batteries
  11. shredded paper (yes it is paper but once shredded it cannot go in the bin.
  12. fast food containers
  13. paper tableware like paper plates and paper cups
  14. straws
  15. keurig coffee pods 
  16. Greasy, oily products like a greasy pizza box or a nasty aluminum roasting pan. Reyclables must be free of food. 

Do Recycle:

  1. aluminum cans, aluminum pans
  2. aluminum foil...ball up clean small pieces into the size of a tennis ball.  Throw the wad in the bin.  Small, loose pieces of foil can mess up the gears.
  3. steel and tin cans
  4. plastic containers and tubs #1-7 (except for styrofoam)
  5. paper products...newspaper, phone books, junk mail, postcards, magazines (no shredded paper, no paper cups)
  6. cardboard boxes....break down first
  7. aerosol cans...but be sure they are empty with no "hiss" 



Kathleen Corbin
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