Breaches Are Up-Are You Prepared?
11/01/2017 02:45 PM

Equifax by far is the most well known data breach in recent history. However, did you know there were over 1,000  data breaches in 2017 alone?
Did you also know that even though the IRS no bid contract to Equifax for credit monitoring of the victims of tax fraud is on hold, it goes to show we have no control on who does what with our personal information.

Data breaches are a stark reminder that being prepared is necessary, for businesses not only to protect the security of their employees, but their company as well. A comprehensive identity theft plan adds value to a suite of benefits and is a proactive addition to any company's cyber security plan. 

If you have not already "breached" the conversation, there is no better time than now. Click Here for some tips from the experts at Kroll on how to protect yourself.


Cathy Lucas
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