LegalShield Named Best Legal Services for Small Businesses in 2020
01/13/2020 09:42 AM

LegalShield has been ranked the best online legal service by website Chamber of Commerce, ahead of RocketLawyer and LegalZoom. (Source:

Chamber of Commerce ranked online legal services based on the following four key criteria:

  • Features – What benefits do users or members get? The more useful features an online legal service provided, the higher they were scored.
  • Price – To get a high score,the online legal service had to offer their features at a great price. 
  • Customer Support/Accessibility – Online legal services are supposed to be convenient. Extra points were given to online legal services who made accessing their services quick and easy. 
  • User Experience – Law can be confusing enough. Online legal services should make getting your legal work done simpler, not harder. Companies were ranked higher for delivering a great user experience. 

LegalShield scored the highest number of points over other companies because it is deemed to offer the best range of features at a great price point, with packages and plans suited to different sizes of businesses and with a wide range of potential legal needs. They also offer innovative and easy-to-reach 24/7 support, as well as a beautifully designed app and website that provides the best user experience.

To learn more about LegalShield, and to contact your local independent LegalShield Associate, email Cathy Lucas at or call (913) 709-4392


Cathy Lucas
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